Monday, January 30, 2012

Caravan Preps

With my search for the perfect caravan well underway, and patience not being one of my strong points, I have started "furnishing" my imaginary van in the hope it will give me the strength to keep searching. So far I have: 1950's vintage Travel Scrabble, my first subscription of Vintage Caravan Mag (of course) and some cute dotty coffee cups. What is it they say about counting chickens?

Some fun mismatched cutlery

A dinky teatowel complete with picnic rug and ants

........and last and luckiest, kitsch shell mirror (complete with dirty smudge marks, better get onto that!)

Come on Mrs Universe, I'm ready now, send her to me tout de suite!!

On a less desperate note Miss M and I enjoyed a bit of baking on the week end. At her request we made jam filled heart is the proof!

I know.....the styling's not that flash but it's the best I could do after a couple of champers er, sodawaters.....


Friday, January 27, 2012

Trash or Treasure??

It's not as good as Christmas, but this time of the year comes a close's the annual curbside collection and I LOVE it!! The excitement of today's find almost makes me forget I'm drinking soda and lime instead of a cheeky vino.

It's a long and fabulous story but I'm telling it anyway. My ever thrifty mother-in-law discovered a beautiful old iron gate thrown out for the collection on one of her early morning walks. She managed to get the homeowner to put it aside for her so she could come back to collect it. Turns out it was salvaged from a 100+ year old house that was being removed in West End about 20 years ago. The lucky salvager never got around to doing anything with it and decided to toss it. Being the owner of a keen eye she grabbed this for me before she left....

OMG! Is that a dirty stain on my stripey teatowel? I do apologise. 
Anyhow, Mr.D and I went with her today to help her get the gate into the car and after alot of huffing and puffing (from Mr.D) it was safely secured and the boot was closed. Just before hopping back in the car I had one last glance at the pile and this beauty caught my fabulous is this????!! I'd love to know how old it is and I can't believe I nearly left without it as it would have ended up in the tip. I have no immediate plans for it but I'm thinking I'll leave the chipped paint as is and secure it to the wall to hide some of the (ugly) brickwork my nondescript '80's house is built with.


Not as exciting, but a find none-the-less, is this pine stool I found on the collection pile down the road....

A bit of a sanding and some lovely bright paint for you my baby! Here's something else I found from a previous curbside collection....(the table!)

Now really Mr. D, "Steptoe and Son"? ....y'think??? Harsh!!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Use your Imagination!

I've been saving this pretty Spring flower pic for a rainy is a good a one as ever! I'm pretending it's a glorious sunny day like the ones I had last week on our holiday. I guess the rain signifies the end of holiday fun and back to the doldrums of the school week (positivity is not my strong point this week) never the less we are off to celebrate Australia Day eve with a barbie at a friend's place and me as the designated driver. You heard me! As of Monday I decided I will be alcohol free for the remainder of January and all of Feb.....hooray for me!! My poor family.....



Friday, January 13, 2012

Sunny Days

We're off tomorrow to enjoy a last hurrah of the Summer school holiday fun before it's back to the grind of the new school year.  We'll be going for a week to our favourite part of the coast; beautiful, peaceful Rainbow Bay.....and looking forward to days on the beach and nights with friends and family at the local surf clubs. Party hard Ms.K for on my return it is Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation for moi.....stop laughing now. Bon Voyage!!


Pic from Flickr

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Toons

I've been thinking lately that it's high time I ditch the E.L.O album and purchase myself some new tunes. My immediate thought was to hop on to iTunes to see what treasures I could find; two minutes later the Kimbra and Lanie Lane albums were in my basket and I was checking out. I know I'm not Robinson Crusoe with the discovery of these two artists and the people out there with lives have probably been enjoying these two divas for steps for moi....

This album is fantastic, Kimbra's voice is amazing and powerful. I'm no music critic but I know a good song when I hear one........they're all crackers!


Lanie this is fab. The cover says it all....rockabilly cuteness abounds inside the cover of this album. Love it!! Stand aside E.L.O......there's some new kids in town!



Friday, January 06, 2012

That's Better...

When you have a less than ordinary day there's no better way to make the sun shine again than by falling into the welcoming arms of the one you love......the op shop. I had one of "those" days on Wednesday, nothing went to plan, people let me down and hurt my feelings (boo hoo) then a spur of the moment opportunity arose so I ran with it. Here comes the sun!!!

1. Large cane picnic basket with funky tartan lining
2. Vintage dinner plate with pretty flowers
3. Cake plate sans carriage thingy all ready for "upcycling"
4. Pretty china swan....always a winner
5. Cute china bunny friends with holder in the middle (toothpicks?)
and best of all 6. Vintage Scrabble game straight out of the '50's in mint condition and looking completely unused!

Happy, happy me!


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Awww Sweet!

Imagine my surprise when I came home from work to this whopping big fella!!  My delightful daughters had been busy baking in the Kitchen Kitsch Kitchen and presented me with a (semi-cooked) choc chip bikky the size of a pizza; complete with bespoke purple melted butter icing and blue cachous. What more would a mum want....apart from a triple by-pass. Thanks girls, you are so thoughtful.....and cute to boot!!....and no, I didn't eat it all in one sitting....


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