Sunday, March 10, 2013


I blame The Block for this...wholly and solely! I remember now, as I sand, scrape, and sugar soap... the reason why I stopped watching said "Block" many seasons ago:  It makes me want to renovate! We have lived in Casa Kitchen Kitsch for almost 11 years and in that time have renovated 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, put in new floors and used copious tins of paint in the quest to remove all traces of the previous owners' passion for multi coloured sponge effect walls.

When we first moved in we hired professional painters to take us back to a neutral palette with a couple of "feature walls"...remember those??! I was happy with the result and frankly more concerned about my heavily pregnant stomach than the colour of the walls.  But as soon as I popped Miss M out (if only it were that easy) I was a woman with a it was off to Bunnings I went. I returned, paintbrush and paint tin in hand and proceeded to splash bright purple paint all over the toilet partum psychosis purple I called it.  It was about then that the first episode of The Block went to air. Of course, since then there has been no stopping me; I swear there are so many layers of paint the house is nowhere near as big as it was when we moved in!

To the point, Ms K!! As all Brisbane'ites are aware, over the past couple of months the sun has forgotten us and that, teamed with The Block, has once again fuelled the fire to paint. The area I have started on includes a hallway where I had a gallery style show of family pics with standard brown timber frames which of course have all now been taken down. I'm after a similar style of wallscape but want to szhuszh it up a bit with some colour.  Here is my vision:

Loving the colours!


Fantastic! But not for my white walls.


Update of the '70's mirrored wall panels...

Casual but elegant!

Huge impact but not for a hallway...

This would get me voted out of the house....!

Cheap chic, great for the craft room that I don't have.....

This one made me laugh longer than I should have!

Great idea for when I start on the outdoors...

Of course when The Block is over and the sun shines again all of this craziness will stop...just hope I've finished the house by then! Sorry Mr.D....xx


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