Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vintage Styled Wedding Fun


These "old girls" have worked hard, played hard, been soaked, gently bathed and hung out to have I, in the post wedding days. By all accounts my beautiful friends' vintage styled wedding was a roaring success and the hard work, sweat and tears...(or is that "beers"?) were so worth the months of planning, crafting and kilometres driven to make sure all went smoothly.  I take my hat off to those who style weddings as a profession; lucky for me the bride was well organised, knew exactly what she wanted and let her fingers do the walking.  Makes me really appreciate the ease of online shopping and sites like Pinterest that give so many fabulous ideas for that special occasion.

I took a few pics for your viewing pleasure, although, photographer I am not!! Enjoy......

Wishing Well....Vintage Style!
Kids Table

Vintage Words of Love

Yes Please!

"Do You Play Croquet??"


Champagne Station

Polaroid Wall
Hello Lovelies
Ball Jar Delight

See Mr.D, I do collect this "old junk" for a reason!!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today is the Day!!

 The excitement is growing in the Kitchen Kitsch house....well everyone else is asleep but I'm excited for two lovely friends are shouting it to the world that they want to live happily ever after...together. Bright and early today I'm heading up the mountain to beautiful Maleny to help set up (some would say "style" but I'm no show off) their family property for today's nuptials.  Looking outside the sun is rising, the wind we saw yesterday is now non existent and I just think today may be as fantastic as Spring ever gets.  Brisbane was certainly made for Spring. Gorgeous!

So last night I packed the car with 40 of my carefully wrapped precious teacup trios, vintage cutlery, "handcrafted" vases and candle holders, cake stands, dessert trays....blah blah name it.  I feel so blessed that Ms A wants to decorate her special day with what some see as space wasters but I see as beautiful pieces of history.  Speaking of history, I'm hoping that in between "styling" and "nuptials" my Mr D will take me for a drive to look at the farmhouse I've been lusting after and if I'm exceptionally lucky the romanticism of the day may just convince him that a family of 4 should live in a dilapidated 70 year old 2 bedroom house....just maybe....

Best wishes to a lovely couple.....Ms A and Mr D xxx ....I've got some toenails to paint!


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Sweet Life

It is my unprofessional opinion that I'm slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to real estate.  Real Estate dot com is on my favourites list and I check it at least 5, sometimes 6 times a week to see that I don't miss the opportunity to discover my dream home.  I find the house online, move in, redecorate and live happily ever after....all in the space of a day and a half! Not that I'm in any position to move or to sell but the desire for change is always there. Truth is, I often go to open house inspections just to see how the seller has decorated......

At the moment I am obsessing over a house that, well, would definitely not be everyone's cuppa but for some reason I just can't shake it. In fact when I told Mr D that I "must have it!!" he looked to the heavens and shook his head sadly and I'm certain I saw Miss M smile sympathetically before twirling her fingers near her temples in a "coo coo, coo coo" fashion, and Miss H just screamed "I'm never living there!!".  Now don't think for a minute that I'm looking at the 10 bedroom mansion with tennis court and Olympic size pool.....not for me at all.  Anyhow, I'll present the pics and let you decide.....

This shot I have as my wallpaper on my phone...

This pic is my PC screen saver....

Think of the potential!!...I certainly have! The interior isn't much chop but never fear, I have already been on Ebay and decided on some vintage fixtures and fittings that will bring the old girl back to life.....seriously, I have......I didn't actually bid on them but put them on my Watch List just in case.
Aahhhh, I can see it now, a coop full of Bantam-Cochins......

.......a picket fenced Kitchen Garden

Oh and a rustic yet stylish fireplace.....

Don't even get me started on the plans I have for the kitchen and bathroom! We'll I'll be so happy! 


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