Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time Out

We're about to take some time out at our favourite part of the "deep" South-East Coast. Bags are (eventually going to be) packed then we're off for a week of r 'n' r, and if we're lucky the sun will keep shining! My latest copy of Vintage Caravan Magazine arrived yesterday so my challenge has been to keep it closed until I'm lying under that beach umbrella! Au Revoir!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Flowers

While technically not Wednesday flowers as I bought these at the markets on Saturday, I thought they were too pretty to pass up a photo opportunity. I love these Snapdragons, but more than anything I love the endless amusement I get out of pinching their little cheeks and making them sing karaoke, don't you?


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunny Days!

Hooray! Someone has finally turned the sun back on in Brisbane and I'm thinking it's a good opportunity to do some vintage doily laundering (aren't we all?) before it disappears again. These old girls have been stripped bare in a bucket 'o bleach and are now ready and waiting for my next project. Got to love a garage sale....picked these (and more) lovelies up for a song, 20 for five bucks..... you heard me!

Off to A Very Vintage Wedding Fair tomorrow....can't wait!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A quick post to show off some lovely teacup trios to add to my growing china collection. My "eyes-always-open" Mum found these in an op shop up at Bribie. Thanks Mum, you have great taste!....and yes, I will pay you for them eventually!


I have a little something up my sleeve in store for my vintage china collection. Stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Unexpected blog tonight....I'm very excited to say I have reached my 1000th pageview and it has totally blown me away that people are actually interested in my mundane ramblings. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So to celebrate I am trying out a new may have to grow on me.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The Whoopie pies were a huge success and were all eaten well before this afternoon. I did manage to try a morsel and the perfectionist in me (yes, she's in there somewhere!) thought they tasted a little like they had come out of a cardboard box....wait....they did. I'm now looking forward to making some from scratch.

So tonight we're off  to Miss.M's first reconciliation. Those who know Miss.M will understand it has been a struggle to find something to confess.....think she might have to lie! Bless her!


Monday, March 12, 2012

I Am In Love!

..........with my Woolworths app. We all know I have a fear of technology and would be much happier living back in the '50's but I have down(up?)loaded the Woolies app and it is my new BFFL! She saves my shopping list for me, shows me the weekly specials, she scans my regular products and saves them to my list, and I'm sure if I asked nicely she would unpack the grocery bags for me. BTW I saw these were on special so I picked up a couple....even the name sounds like fun! Despite my penchant for baking from scratch, this is my first attempt at these cute little "pies" so I decided to let Betty do the hard work for me. Clever moi!! (If anyone has a real Whoopie Pie recipe they'd like to share with me I would love to hear from you.x)

So, while I waited in the huge Monday morning check out line, trying not to think about the damage I did to my legs in the International Women's Day "fun run" yesterday (how can those two words ever be put together in the same sentence???) I decided to get with the program as so many of my smart friends have done, and buy groceries on line. By the time I had made it to the register and chatted to the girl doing the "checking out" about how drunk she got on the weekend (I will so miss those chats!!) I had performed a "register" of different kind and signed up to the Woolies online shopping website. Can't wait for next Monday!

Aside from that excitement I have another show-and-tell revamp. Remember my roadside find?

Now she looks like this:

I have named her Joan because she reminds me of Joan Harris from Mad Men.....of course.....Off to make Whoopies!!


Monday, March 05, 2012

Don't Try This At Home

Well this seemed to be a good idea at the time but now I see it was not!  A couple of years ago I bought one of those fabulous chalkboard stickers that looked like a huge black Roccoco mirror. We put messages of love on it, countdowns to Christmas on it, Happy Birthday wishes on it, number of alcohol free days achieved on it get the idea. Recently I have been working my paintbrush to the bone and revamping some bits and pieces around the Kitchen Kitsch house. Exhibit one ahead....

From this.....
To this!
So of course I wanted to showcase my "new" old mirror and decided to remove the sticker ....carefully....and give my mirror pride of place. All was going to plan until my confidence gained momentum and the end result is this......

No not some abstract artwork but a huge patch where the paint has ripped straight off the wall. Unfortunately it's not in a location where I can just bung the mirror on the wall and cover it up so looks like the whole wall will need a damn repaint!.....or if I can find some funky there's a thought. Not only that but I spent the next hour and a half scraping sticky stuff off the wall. I'm certain there must have been a correct (easier!) way to remove this sticker and they really are a great idea at the time but unless you know the correct removal procedure I highly recommend NOT putting these stickers on your precious walls!

In the words of poor frustrated Mr.D "Why can't things just stay the same?" Progress my dear, progress.....


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