Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Au Revoir Pierre!

My Dukan adventure is done and dusted. After being knocked down with the vomitus buggus I have struggled to get back to my protein eating ways and I can't say that it hasn't been through lack of trying.  I was most happy to have lost 3 and a half kilos in 2 weeks but can I say it was all thanks to protein overload? I truly don't think it was. Not being able to eat anything much during 2 days of sickness certainly added to the weight loss but after an Easter weekend of overindulgence I have put 2 and a half of those damn things back on. There is alot of truth in the saying "the faster you lose it, the faster you put it back on". I've no doubt that if I was to stick rigidly with "the rules" I would be continuing to shed the flab but I seriously cannot even look at a boiled egg without wanting to puke! A chocolate egg on the other hand.....

It all started on Easter Thursday with a huge bowl of pasta...oh the joy!! Apart from a couple of vinos on Friday and Saturday nary a hot cross bun even passed my lips. But Sunday I reached the point of no return; I had my wonderful family over for lunch and indulged in a carb feast which included roasted chicken, marinated lamb skewers (protein, I know), pita bread, a very festive carrot and parsnip salad with couscous, , and the pièce de ré over the top Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake. All washed down with numerous glasses of rosé and a Family Favourite or two!

It was only when Miss H insisted I go for a jog with her at about 5pm that I remembered my friend Pierre....oh how I missed him!

I have concluded that protein diets are great for some....not so for others. If anything, Pierre has made me aware of including more proteins and less carbs in the everyday but as always the theory of "everything in moderation" wins again. Now....throw me a chip butty......


ps Happy 6th Birthday Angel!!

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