Monday, August 20, 2012

Inspiration Point

Does anyone remember way back in the '70's when Ritchie Cunningham used to take Jenny Piccolo up to Inspiration Point for a spot of "necking"?! Well this post has nothing to do with that but the pics that follow are my colour Inspiration...... for my living room makeout makeover.

I could look at these blues all day!

That sideboard!!! If only....

Who wouldn't want that faux zebra rug??

Colour madness!! I love it!

So pretty with a surprising touch of the middle east....

Pure bliss!!

I think I can safely say my "new, improved" living room will have lashings of turquoise and plenty of red, a touch of yellow and a smattering of green.  Oh and if I dare, a red zebra skin rug!  I wonder if Fonzie would approve??


Monday, August 06, 2012

Afternoon Tea? Sorted!

I love a bit of cupcake action and although I have never claimed to be Nigella, despite on occasion been mistaken for her (!), hot damn I think I come a close second; especially with these babies I whipped up for the girls' afternoon tea today.  My ever stylish friend Mrs C is a deft hand at cupcakes and she presented one of hers to Miss M last Sunday that would run rings around mine, but I have taken her advice and used a piping gizmo to do the icing and I must say, despite icing going where icing should never go, I'm chuffed with the results.  I even copied her use of little icing flowers for decoration. If only I could coax that "secret icing recipe" out of her I might finally be in with a chance.....  "Vino Mrs C??"

Off now to wash the icing out of my fringe...


ps Miss M says my cupcakes were good but just not as "high" as Mrs C's......dang!!

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