Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Hardest Part

I completely adore the Christmas Season but the part I struggle with every December 31 is the taking down of the decorations. I generally always do it on the 31st so as not to jinx myself with bad luck for the next year and so I can squeeze the life out of them enjoy them till the very last minute. Miss M helped me with the task today and just for effect we hummed Christmas carols in a sombre orthodox funeral-type chant and did a death march around the tree as we stripped it bare of all its sparkly glory. It was macabre!! I will be putting my decorations up on November 1 in 2012.......

So long big happy tree...

Farewell "Joy" and "Peace"...

I'll miss you, cute birdy thing on the top...

I love you kitschy kitchen window decos...

Look after yourself crazy Santa jumping off a cable car...

Boo hoo for me! Au Revoir 2011....


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm Not One To Boast......

.....BUT! The Christmas stocking did provide. First up, take a gander at this!! The Women's Weekly (God bless them) have released a fab retro cook book with lots of old favourites such as Devilled Eggs (!) as well as a few newies thrown in. The photography and styling is superb and even if you don't consider yourself the domestic type this book is perfect for the coffee table. Thanks big Sis!

Next up we have some gorgeous fabric placemats made by my very clever Mum. These are sooo cute. Each one has a different puppy panel with borders in suitably retro colours backed with black and white spot.

Perfect for my Caravan....didn't hear me?? I said perfect for my CARAVAN.....!!

My next present.....Mr. D asked me what I would like and I said either a vintage van or a subscription to Vintage Caravan Magazine. So the latter it was, until Christmas Eve when he announced he would like to buy me my own van. Yippppeeee!!!! (Hope I still get the subscription! Ha!) This is something I've dreamed of for years but I'm yet to decide on family size or Kitchen Kitsch size. My family prefer the luxury of an apartment (especially Mr. D) but I've always loved the idea of a caravanning holiday. My other option is to buy a small van and take Kitchen Kitsch on the road. Opportunities abounds!! I think half the fun will be in the looking. Hope you, too, had a fantastic Christmas.


Gorgeousness found at No Chintz

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Best Bake of the Year

The time has finally come! I normally do this around October but due to the busy business that's been going on this year I'm v.late in comparison. So, one week before the fat man comes (is that phrase still kosher?) I have finally hup-two'd into the kitchen to bake my Christmas Cake. I don't mind a bit of aprons-on old fashioned baking but I must say the Christmas Cake is my most favourite bake of all.....feeling "sad" just re-reading that sentence!! I do have a life....REALLY!
And as luck has it my Secret Santa is a woman of great style so I ended up with these babies (among other goodies) in my stocking......No, they didn't actually lay those eggs, although I wasn't in the room the whole time...

I put them to good use during my Christmas Cake bake. Little cuties!! I've always enjoyed a bit of Nigella action in the kitchen so it is only fitting for me to use one of her recipes for The Cake and my favourite one that I have used for the last couple of years is the Chocolate Fruit Cake. Find it HERE.
Basically you bung about 750g of chopped dried fruit into a large saucepan; I use the remainder of whatever I couldn't fit into my fruit mince jar, with a few other ingredients, gently boil for a while, add the "cake" ingredients and cook for about 2 hours. Smell but don't look while it's boiling in the saucepan! Trust me.

After it has cooked and cooled I take it out of the tin and wrap it in Gladwrap then a layer of alfoil and put it to sleep in a cool dark cupboard until the unveiling on Christmas Day. Easy peasy! Nigella puts a lot of gold bling on the top but I don't have time for that so au naturel is my serving method of choice. Bon Apettit!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Kitchen Kitsch Pressies

If you're anything like me you will still have an uncompleted Christmas gift shopping list and be frantically searching your local Westfield for the perfect pressie.  Help is close at hand lovelies....  Kitchen Kitsch to the rescue!! I have some leftover Xmas treats just itching to be popped into an awaiting stocking and it's all handmade with love!

First up I have some 100% cotton Kitchen Kitsch aprons. Cute little baker's aprons made from fab fabric imported from the US and how's about that rik rak??? Massive!!! Also from the States and modelled by the stylish, albeit headless, Miss H....

"Your Branches Green" Christmas Apron

"Palm Tree in a Pantry" Christmas Apron

"I'll Be Home for Christmas" Christmas Apron


"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
Christmas Apron

Background is actually cream but looks a

"Feliz Navidad" Christmas Wreath

"Kala Christouyenna"
Christmas Wreath

Greek for "Merry Christmas"......really.

This one has a matching table runner!!! You heard me! Measures 135cmX42cm and is for Christmas Day, one for Boxing Day.....I know, right!!

This girl's matching wreath has been sold, but she can certainly still hold her own. Patterned on one side and peppermint with a tiny white spot on the reverse (photo does not do her justice).

Christmas Bunting galore!! Measuring approx 2metres long with 10 assorted flags. Now this is a much easier option than having to lug your big Chrissy tree with you to the holiday house/camping ground/van park. Instant Christmas Glamour without losing any valuable Havaiana and sarong-packing space. Did I mention these babies are backed with calico and are carried by pretty lace edging?? Sweet!

.......and Christmas Doily Decos. 3 sizes - small 6cm diameter off white with green gingham ribbon, medium 8cm diameter white with red gingham ribbon, large 9cm diameter white with green gingham ribbon....hey! All made from vintage crocheted tablecloths.

Cute either hanging on your tree or used for decorating Christmas presents! If you have any questions or would like to know some prices please don't hesitate to email me on


Monday, December 12, 2011

....and now the fun stuff!

Now that all of our end of year rush and lovely holiday are over it's time to get into the fun stuff. But first a few pics of the month that was.

Miss M's Dance Concert went fabulously well; she was only in 2 dances, a tap and a classical, and looking at the other poor "ballet mums" whose children were in 9+ dances I think I definitely made the right decision.
Pancaking one tutu was traumatic enough.....

Then in the same week Miss H "graduated" from Primary School....

From this (cute!!) :

To this (cute!!) :

Good Luck Princess!

Despite the ordinary weather our week up the coast was fantastic, lots of down time and reconnections of the family kind.
The view from our balcony...

Some pool antics.....

....and some beach the dream!


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